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Industry Partners

Promaxo, Inc.

Promaxo has developed a low-field interventional MRI that urologists and interventional/urologic radiologists can use to perform surgical localization of prostate lesions under MRI guidance in an office or outpatient surgical setting. We are working with a new subsidiary of Promaxo, Neuro42, to develop a low-field MRI system capable of image-guided robotic interventions in the brain.


NeuroHealth Technologies, Inc.

NeuroHealth Technologies is developing a remote, data-centric, precision mental health care platform that provides real-time patient insights derived from digital biomarkers, asynchronous assessment to increase patient access and provider convenience, and predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent mental health crises and match patients with treatments most likely to be successful.

NeuroHealth Technologies 

NeuroScouting, Inc.

NeuroScouting develops advanced applications and training technologies that lead the way for neuroscience-based interventions. Their technology interfaces with the brain systems that are required for elite athletic performance, and also those that are compromised in populations impacted with neurological disorders.